Friday, December 22, 2006


It has been great being on Christmas break. I got out of my finals on Wednesday. Then, thursday Norman flew in and it has been great having him here. Today we have been talking all day, and I haven't seen him since March so this is nice. The weekend here will be relaxing. Grandma has moved back to the nursing home which has been and a change, and quite busy here. This Christmas will be great with all my brothers home, and I am looking forward to general youth conference and seeing everyone. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Thanksgiving break has been really nice. I've been catching up on my sleep. I haven't really had a break since September, because I was on Jr. History Trip in October. It has been nice having Aaron home. We've been eating a lot of good food such as pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes. Today is my last day of break. I am going to put up the christmas tree. Next weekend we will probably put up all of the decorations. I have a lot of work to do in school before Christmas break. Two weeks from today I will be taking the ACT test. I'm looking forward to Christmas break because Norman will be coming home and I haven't seen him in a while, and it is a good time to spend with family. We are planning on going to GYC again this year. Afterwards we will go the Washington D.C. again and see the monuments that will be fun! I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving and maybe I will see you at GYC!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Give Thanks!

A couple of weeks ago. I was trying to upload my pictures from jr. history trip and my computer would not do it. I will try to figure it out over thanksgiving break. I know that you all would enjoy that. I can't believe that almost half of my junior year is over. This week I think that it is important to think about things we are thankful for. We have it really good here in America.I'm thankful for being in a good Adventist Christian family, that upholds the beliefs we have in God and the message that He has given us in the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. I'm thankful for the roof over my head, and the healthy food to eat each day. I could go on further, but think about this week about how much you have to be thankful for and be happy! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Here it is nearly the end of october. I can't believe how fast it has been. It has been a great month though. For a week and a half I was on junior history trip. We had so much fun seeing historical places, and bonding with friends. I was glad to come back. Eventually I will show you my pictures and write more about the trip. Last weekend I went on music tour to Memphis Junior Academy, and Memphis 1st church. This weekend I am going to Tom Ipes wedding in Cleveland, TN. I remember when he was a little boy. He and Aaron were good buddies back then. Before you know it thanksgiving, christmas will be here. And I am excited about that. Getting back into my studies has been challenging, because of traveling a lot and exhaustion from the trips. I am trying to get back into the groove. Pray for me that I will understand geometry and chemistry. Chemistry is kinda fun. we are doing noble gas notation of elements. And learning to do that on the periodic table. I hope everyone is having a nice fall season. And to talk to all of you soon with the holiday season coming up.

Monday, September 25, 2006

September fall breeze

Quite literally, this month has been a breeze and has flown by. I am very exicited about Jr History trip a week from wednesday. It is 12 states in 12 days. We will go to Boston,Washington D.C., New York, and Pennsylvania. This past weekend I went to Young Women's Retreat. It was all right.I am really tired, and I think I could go to sleep now. I am very busy with 5 classes, and work. I hope everyone is doing great, when Mom has a chance to go to Wal-Mart . I will get my film developed. And hopefully before I leave I will post them.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


I discovered we actually have a scanner on our computer,and I can scan pictures! yes! I don't have digital camera so I haven't been able to show you pictures. But when I get my film developed , I can show you pictures from our vacation. This picture is the second picture I have scanned. It was Grandma's 90th birthday party and the family that came to it. From the left is JD,jonah, myself, mom,Uncle Dave, in the back : Stephen, Uncle Albert. In the front: Grandma and Owen. Ellie took this picture.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I am now sweet seventeen. That doesn't sound as right ,as sweet sixteen. I still don't have my drivers license. But I do have my permit, so Stephen and I have been practicing driving. It is not too hard except some turns. My birthday was really nice. On sunday , my birthday it was simple. I was thinking of having friends over but decided to do that for my eighteenth. Stephen came up. For my dinner we had vegetarian meatloaf, mashed potatoes, peas,salad,and peach pie. How the years have flown by. I really can't believe in an year I will be eighteen. I have always viewed that as being an adult, up there, a ways day the road. In the afternoon we went to the portland library. It was the 53rd anniversary. Uncle Albert and David Fuller played classical pieces together. While Mom and I looked at the art paintings. Then, Mom drove me around town to the hospital I was born in. And we looked at some newer houses near our area. Then , I studied that night. I also received some nice cards, presents, and phone calls. I really don't like Geometry. It is all about proofs, angles etc. Chemistry is kinda fun actually. I thought I wouldn't like it, but I enjoy it. Later down the road we will see.We had our school pictures today. That is the last normal pictures we are taking. Next year, is senior pictures. Roderick Schmitz passed away Friday night. I went to school with him my freshmen year, when he was a senior. He was a nice boy. Down at Southern he was riding his motorcylce went on a ramp and lost control. The accident took place near hamilton mall area. His funeral is tomorrow. I feel so sorry for the family. His brother is in my class, and the family lives in the Handal's old house. He was probably only twenty. Too young. His ex-girlfriend is a senior this year. She is taking it really hard, because they were in a close relationship previously. So keep them in your prayers. I heard southwestern youth conference went well. Wish I could of been there. I am looking forward to general youth conference in December.

P.S. in response to Norman's comment about am I implying that we are going to move to Montgomery. No, if we ever did that it would be down the road. We don't know what God's future holds when I go to college.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Rosa Parks Museum

Here is a picture of the Rosa Parks Museum


Well, I am here at home. And I want to tell the main things we did in Alabama. Mom and I said that Montgomery it would be a nice place to live. Although we will probably live here a little while longer. We are really not sure what God's plans are for us. But , Aaron has a nice place to live in. The people there are warm, and will give you a southern welcome. It is very hot, so we were inside most of the time. Except when driving in our car(not airconditioned), we got pretty hot. Monday we drove down for 5 hours and arrived there at night. Aaron reserved us a really nice motel, at hampton inn. I did take some pictures but, I don't have a digital camera. Aaron doess, but it is tucked away who knows where. But I went on some websites to get some pictures of where we went. Here is a picture of our motel to the left of my writing. I went swimming three times, which was very relaxing. We ate at various restaraunts, such as cafeteria, chinese,subway,Ihop, and even thai. I never at thai before, but it was pretty good. They gave vegetarian spring rolls which were deliciou s they tasted like egg rolls. Mom and I went shopping a couple of times while Aaron went to work. On the last day, he got off at noon. So we went downtown to Montgomery. We saw the Rosa Parks museum, and the first church Martin Luther King Jr. preached at. We could see the state capitol from where the church was. On Sabbath we went to the Montgomery church. The members there made us feel warm and welcomed. In the afternoon we drove an hour and a half to Uchee Pines. It was so refreshing to go there. Even though I lived there when I was one , the only memory I have of it is when we went last October. I can remember our living room and playing toys with Aaron. But that is about it. We attempted to try to go inside of our house for the second time. But the people that live there were gone again. We took pictures of it though. Sorry I can't upload them. Some day I will have to get a digital camera to make my blog more interesting. On Sunday we sadly left Aaron to his first place to live for a while. It was sad to leave vacation. But I am looking forward to going down there again. I returned to work Monday. And boy, do I ever have so much work to do. It piled up while I was gone. School starts in a couple weeks, so it is very busy. And the phones are ringing off the hook. I answer all of the calls. My classes this year will be chemistry,spanish I, geometry,Bible III, and American History. Since I am going to be a junior, I will get to go on Junior History Trip. Wow, I think I wrote too much take care.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Deep South in Alabama

Yes, yes we are in Montgomery, Alabama. It is nice to be in the deep south, where everyone is friendly. If you haven't heard yet, Aaron has accepted a job as assistant manager of the adventist book center for the Gulf States Conference here in Montgomery. Aaron arrived here on Sunday. Mom and I came Monday. And all today we have been searching for an apartment for Aaron. It has been quite an experience. Finding one that is close to his work, and yet affordable. We had found the one that we liked. But when he went back to pay the reservation fee, someone else had already sent in a reservation fee and the apartment we were looking at wasn't available. That was an disappointment. But we had in mind another apartment that is really nice. It is right next to a park with an walking trail, and lake. And he will be able to move in August 4 at the earliest. Right now I am on Aaron's labtop in Hampton Inn. We are enjoying our vacation so far. It is nice not to go to work. And Mom is leisurely reading her Adventist Review instead of washing dishes. I am happy for her. We are going to go sight seeing. Possibly the Rosa Parks museum, Old Alabama town, Confederate White House. Probably won't see all of that. And yes, I am going swimming hopefully tomorrow. Aaron is going to start at work tomorrow. It is starting to wind down in the summer, which I am sad about. I am not excited about starting up school again. So enjoy vacation while we have it. Take care . Will post soon.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July everyone! Today we are celebrating our independence. By the way, I am thankful that I live in America, where I can serve God and worship Him. Today we had our annual picnic. We had potato salad, veggies, baked beans, pink lemonade, and top it off with blueberry pie. Stephen and Uncle Dave came over, with Grandma,mom, and I here. Then, Stephen played the piano, and we sang patriotic songs. When the party was over,Stephen and I took a driving lesson. This the second time I have driven behind the wheel. When we first started I would sit in the passengers seat and do the steering wheel, and Stephen the brakes. I think I am doing pretty good, I just need to get my turns down. I am glad that Aaron is back from Africa, that is a lot of miles to travel. Norman was wondering what books I am reading so here it goes:
The Bible
Testimonies for the Church, vol 1:Ellen White
From Hollywood to Heaven, Steve Wohlberg
Little Town on the Prairie, Laura Ingalls Wilder

You can't go wrong with reading a good book. I love reading. Grandma likes to read a lot too. She is so sweet, to live with here at home. I hope everyones summer is going well, and I am looking forward to my vacation at the end of the month when I have a week off from work. Happy Fourth of July!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Summer Days

Yes, Happy summer days are here. I go to work at 9 am in the morning, and then leave at 2 for lunch. And then I am off for the rest of the day. Which is a really nice schedule. I love to read, and go and sit outside in the summer breeze.I am enjoying my summer, while it is here because I don't have to study. This weekend was nice we went to church, and had fellowship dinner. On each table was a decoration that represented something a father would do. Today we are going to see Grandpa for Father's day and give him some cards. Mom gave a superintendent's talk at church about Father's Day, with using the book Adventist Home, and comments people had made in the Portland Progressive about their father's. I hope everyone is having a nice summer.

Friday, June 02, 2006


Happy Sabbath! We are just finishing up campmeeting with our last weekend of meetings. We have had some great speakers. Our theme this year is "Behold the Bridegroom Cometh." Last weekend we started with Terry Moreland. The interesting thing about him is he is from Bakersfield, Calif. And he came through the church through Dr.Barnard. Which my dad came through the church through him too. The 11:00 services were Richard O'Fill. He was very interesting, and the evening meetings were done by Steve Wallace. His last sermon was excellenet. He said that we needed to get rid of all of our worldy desires and be ready for Jesus. He said that unfortunately, some of us aren't ready. Tonight we had Mike Ryan. He told some mission stories. I am kinda of sad that it is going to end, but yet I am ready for it to end. I work in the business office, at the academy. It has been hectic with people from campmeeting come in with various needs, and the phone ringing off hook sometimes. Also, I have been helping the accountant with people buying meal tickets to eat meals in the cafe. So it will be nice to be done with that.I'm sorry its been a while since I had posted. I usually keep up to date.I'm glad that summer is here, and I can catch up on my sleep. Have a blessed weekend.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It's Over!

YES!!!! I am done with my exams. I am officially a Junior! Which is awesome. No more late night studying for two months. Rest, relax, and...... work? Yes, I am working at the business office. Graduation is this weekend, and then campmeeting the next two weekends. I will talk with you all later.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Highland Memories weekend

Once again,I have had a very eventful weekend. First, on the friday night was Highland Academy's Friendship vespers. It is very meaningful, and It is always sad to say goodbye to people that you may never see again. To start the program , Mr. Cornell gave his last talk to us. He pointed to the picture in front of the church. It is a picture of Jesus, holding some lambs, and other lambs looking at Him. Mr . Cornell said that we were the lambs Jesus was holding, and the sheep looking up were the staff , teachers,and parents. His sermon was nice. I am really sad to see the seniors leave. But at the same time, I am excited about being a junior.I can't believe it! And before you know it I'll be graduating. It's going by so fast. Last evening we went to hear the Highlanders (Pastor Watkins, Judi Hartman,Lisa and Todd Parrish, and William Labrenz.Plus, Uncle Albert playing the piano). It was very nice to close the Sabbath.Then, last night I went to Highland Memories night. They handed out awards, and showed us a memories video, and gave us our yearbooks. It went really late. And I took an 3 hour nap in the afternoon. That I got to bed really late. Today is Mother's Day. Stephen just came, and we are going to have a nice dinner. Brandy Schrader and Troy Heinrich are getting married today. They dated like 6 or 8 years. Troy Heinrich is related to some Adventist leaders in our church. Pray for me in my exams. My Biology exam is going to be over a pig dissection, algrebra II will be challenging, and my world history exam is going to be over the whole continent of Africa. That is labeling every country and knowing its capital. I know that God will help me. And in a week it will be all over. Take care.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Gymnix Homeshow

It's Sunday. Well, I didn't sleep very good last night. I went to the gymnix homeshow last night, and guess what. They had another accident. Nicole Ley went into the air to do a backtuck, and she was given too much air that she missed the mat, and had a concussion and whiplash. I thought she was paralyzed. Because she hit her head, and neck really hard. People were crying, and I think that was the first homeshow that they had to stop because of a really bad accident. I was very restless in bed last night.They lifelined her to Vanderbilt. So today has been all right. Of all things they were honoring her dad, Raphan Ley because he has volunteered for twenty years teaching gymnastics. Eric Molina made a video about him. And they have named the gymnasium after him with a special plaque. Some former gymnasts came, to see him. And his parents came, it was their first homeshow to go to. They said on the highland academy website, that she is now walking around home, and is planning to be at academy days. I hope she doesn't do anything crazy tonight if the gym team does a performance. I can't really stand to watch it anymore, because of what I saw last night. I hope you all are doing good.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

I am thankful

I am thankful to say that Chris Arthur is okay. He landed on his head instead of his neck. Apparently, they were doing a jump rope routine. Three guys were doing back tuck in the air as the rope went around them. He got scared of the rope coming down, and he did his backtuck wrong and landed on his head. They said that he had a little toe movement, but it wasn't like he normally did. Today, he came to his classes with his neck brace on. He wants to perform in the homeshow Saturday night.But he probably shouldn't. Thank you for your prayers.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Gymnastics is not worth it!

Hello! I just came back from a two hour practice of the King and I play. At the end of the first hour, a girl came in the room . She said that Chris Arthur at the gymnastics practice was doing a backtuck into the air and landed on his neck. Ouch! I do not know what his condition is now. But an ambulance came and took him to the emergency room. Please pray for him. He is three weeks away from graduation, and I would hate to see something really bad happen to him.Gymnix homeshow is Saturday night and they were having a four hour practice. I think though that gymnastics is not worth it. You are taking too much of a risk of your body . The music that they play is their routines is horrible!!!!! I don't think that the Lord is pleased when they play that kind of music. I am glad that I am in choir. Because the music we do praises the Lord and we can use it the rest of our lives.Your body is not meant to do tumbling in the air, and so that is why it is so risky. Keep Chris in your prayers. I'll post more info later.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Stephen's birthday

Hello Everyone! I had a great weekend. And now here is another one. Last weekend was nice we went to Portland church it was nice to see everyone. I gave Superitendent's remarks for Mom since she was not to full strength. I talked about the health message and what Ellen White has to say about meat . It is interesting what she has to say.I will share with you later. Then, Sabbath afternoon we went back to the church . We helped Jean Sellars fold bible study cards with Steps to Christ books to hand out to the community. Sunday afternoon was Easter. Stephen's birthday was Tuesday, but we celebrated it on Sunday instead because I have a really busy school schedule. We enjoyed having him home. Mom fixed her best spaghetti, salad, bread, and yum yum cherry pie. Then we gave him presents and cards. Mom gave him some new pants, and I gave him a book on the biography of Steve Wohlberg. He said he like read biographies. Which I do to. I'm glad to have three special brothers to look up to. I can't believe he is 31. I consider that young. I am starting to feel older. I turn 17 in August. I have looked at 18 as a long ways away and now it is only a couple years away. This week was busy. I dissected a starfish in Biology and I took a lab test on it today. Dissecting is fun. I learned something new about starfish they can regenerate their rays if they are broken off. That is cool. Just think if we humans were like that. I think I have written enough. Have a blessed Sabbath!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Grandpa's 94th birthday

Yesterday, was my Grandpa's 94th birthday. We went to see him and he appreciated what we did. We gave him presents,and he got a lot of cards. He also got some baloons. Well, I am officially on spring break and I can finally rest, and relax. This afternoon I am going to the business office to finish up some things . My school is doing a musical the King and I. So I am going to memorize the wives parts. Because, I am one of them. I think it will be fun to put it all together, but at the same time I will be glad when it is done. I took a really hard algebra II test yesterday. I hope I did all right, it was really hard. Be glad that you are not taking algebra II. Welcome if this is your first time to read my blog. I saw that one person has discovered it in the blog world. God bless.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Tornadoes in Tennessee

Welcome to my blog! I have enjoyed reading my brother's blogs. I have decided to create my own . Now, you can here the latest news in Portland, Tennessee. I was gone on a music tour this weekend to Jackson, Tennessee. Meanwhile , back in Gallatin there was a really bad tornadoe that killed 8 people and destroyed 160 houses, and a couple car dealerships. I praise God it didn't affect my mom and grandma in portland. Gallatin is only 10 miles away from us. Today is Mom's birthday. Stephen came up, and Aunt Elizabeth, Uncle Chris ,and Rachael. Spring break is this week , so it will be nice to take a break at home. Take care.