Saturday, July 30, 2011

Move your Hand!

As I am writing it is the Sabbath afternoon. I have the time to contemplate and reflect on God's goodness to me, and listen to uplifiting music. I realize that I need to continue finishing writing about my favorite Colombian experiences.

The first weekend, on Sunday I preached "Move your Hand" sermon. This sermon was talked about how we can find the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ, and we can receive salvation through four steps.

1. Accept
2. Believe
3. Confess our sins
4. Decide publicly for Jesus

This night I was going to be making an appeal for people to accept Jesus as their personal Saviour for the first time. Two minutes before I made the appeal a car driving in street stopped right in front of the Paraiso church. The music was blaring over the audience. I immediately thought and prayed, "Jesus be with us." I knew God was stronger than this big distraction. My voice got louder and stronger. I felt like I was shouting at the audience. When the appeal finished 8 people walked to the front to accept Jesus as their Savior for the first time. I know Heaven was rejoicing and the angels.

It was this night that a man, Raphael (pseudo name) started coming. He greeted me in English- and continued to come to the rest of the meetings. Every night I could see his heart hungry for the truth and he was excited to learn the truth. It was exicting for me to see how he was accepting the messages including the Sabbath message. He told me three nights before the campaign that he was going to be there till the end. It was really hard to say goodbye. It was hard to get to know and connect with all of my visitors because of the language barrier. This man touched my heart because his hunger for the Word was filled during the meetings. I continue to pray for him.

Next post is about an unlikely visitor who came to my campaign.