Thursday, October 26, 2006


Here it is nearly the end of october. I can't believe how fast it has been. It has been a great month though. For a week and a half I was on junior history trip. We had so much fun seeing historical places, and bonding with friends. I was glad to come back. Eventually I will show you my pictures and write more about the trip. Last weekend I went on music tour to Memphis Junior Academy, and Memphis 1st church. This weekend I am going to Tom Ipes wedding in Cleveland, TN. I remember when he was a little boy. He and Aaron were good buddies back then. Before you know it thanksgiving, christmas will be here. And I am excited about that. Getting back into my studies has been challenging, because of traveling a lot and exhaustion from the trips. I am trying to get back into the groove. Pray for me that I will understand geometry and chemistry. Chemistry is kinda fun. we are doing noble gas notation of elements. And learning to do that on the periodic table. I hope everyone is having a nice fall season. And to talk to all of you soon with the holiday season coming up.