Sunday, October 28, 2007

Awesome Senior weekend

We went to Opryland Hotel today,and ate brunch
I had an awesome Senior weekend. To start it off Aunt Mary came in Friday night. We had Mom's yummy homemade split-pea soup, and rolls. Then, we had the Senior recognition program. Mom and Stephen walked me down the aisle. When they read about me, this is what was said

April Rose McNulty

Secret Ambition to become a Bible worker and seek souls that are lost.

Occupation: Elementary Education or Physical Therapist

Favorite Bible verse: 2 Corinthians 4:6-7

Parents: Frances McNulty

12 year Senior( I don't really remember if they said 4 or 12, but this my 12th year at Highland schools, and the first of the McNulty family to do so.)

It was very special. Pastor Watkins gave our sermon. We took pictures afterwards.I will upload once I have pictures developed. It was so nice to have Aunt Mary here, it has been hit me hard the last two years that dad is gone. It didn't hit me as hard the first couple of years, but now it does and I miss him a lot. Sabbath we went to Highland church. The Seniors were honored by wearing red carnations. Mr. Smith our chaplain asked me to give a testimony on how Highland has affected me. Well, I had to think about that. Mr. Cornell is a godly man, I appreciated his classes so much. I shared how my best memories at Highland was learning from my teachers. Mr.Cornell's worships were the highlight of my classes, he taught that we needed to get into the Word of God for ourselves, and I shared I had taken this to heart. I was glad I had the privilege to share with them. Then, we had Sabbath lunch at home. Mom made burger roast, corn, peas, rolls, and apple pie to top it off. I was so tired from late night play practices I took a long nap. Aunt Mary and Mom went to see Grandma. Last night, we had our Senior benefit to raise money for our mission trip to Costa Rica. We raised over $7,000!! I am happy about that! We had live and silent auction items, which people payed ridiculous donations for them. We did a play on our four years at Highland which was really good, and funny. Mom and Aunt Mary said they really enjoyed it. Aaron and Uncle Albert were there to support me too, and I appreciated that. One line that that was funny I had to say was "I can't believe you are so happy! It is four in the morning!" This was on our Junior History Trip scene. Some people may know I am not a morning person. Today , Aunt Mary treated us to breakfast brunch at Opryland Hotel. It was so nice. Then, Aaron dropped me off at Rivergate Mall to meet up with my friends Beth, and Candace. I went Christmas banquet dress shopping. Finally, after much searching I found a pink,long dress. I like it, but it will need alterations. Then, we went to Wal-mart, and to Candace's house in Gallatin. On the way back home, Beth( the daughter of the Pastor at Highland church) were talking about the crises at Highland. We were both sad about everything that has happened there. Pastor Hartman gave a powerful sermon on how we need to stay to the doctrines that God has given us through His word. I came home and am trying to catch up on everything. Until next time, God bless you.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

April's future bakery

I have a lot of things to update you all on. So the beginning of the week is always a bit rough. I got through my classes. Both of my bosses were gone to new accounting training meetings in Georgia. I was busy in the business office. I took my Senior pictures last week, and Mom went to order them in Hendersonville. They should be here in a week, I'm excited! Some representatives came up from Southern to do interviews with us. They were professors from different departments like Education, Communications, Nursing, and Computers. I went to the Communications and Education one. I am actually interested in Communications now. I enjoy writing, and taking pictures. I talked to the professor and, I am uncertain really what I want to do. Education I know is a needed field. But, teaching is not a easy job. You have to have a lot of patience to deal with rowdy children. At the same you can make a good spiritual influence in their life to commit their life to Christ. I really need to pray about what God's will is for me in my life, rather than what I want to do. Next weekend is Senior recognition and benefit. On Friday night all the Senior girls walk down with their parents in their white dresses, and the boys as well. We all sit up front, and our sponsors read our favorite memory verse, and remembrances, our future occupation etc.. Then, on Sat. night we will have our Benefit. We are going to practice a play all week long. Which I am not looking forward to. Plus, we will have Senior choir members sing, bell choir, and gymnix. Aunt Mary is coming in from Texas for it! I am excited!! We each had to get a item donated for our live auction. I asked Mrs. Cornell to make homemade wholewheat bread for it. She makes really yummy vegan food! This brings me to my idea of making homemade bread for money to save up for college and other needs. I think I would enjoy doing this, and the people that buy it would like having homemade bread instead of storebought. This is just a idea, I'm still not sure if this will work out. Tomorrow we are going to Jared Litchfield and Chantel's wedding. The Litchfields used to be our neighbors. Being a Senior is very busy, I will be very happy when I graduate. On a Spiritual thought, I have been reading Desire of Ages this week. Ellen White wrote that Jesus brought in thousands of people in His harvesting, what are we doing down here! Staying busy with our jobs and school work, our main focus is to be reaching others. I really need to work on this. Because the only you can take with you to heaven is yourself, and the ones you helped find Jesus. May it be our desire to serve Jesus daily through witnessing and evangelism.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Another week done

I like this picture, I didn't take it. It was taken in fall, and is very nice of the sunset.
I'm very thankful that another week has come to an end. The Sabbath is so peaceful. Mom made vegetable soup, and toast. Yummy! Aaron is gone to Asheville,Ky to preach a sermon tomorrow. So keep him in your prayers. Have a nice rest of the Sabbath!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

New pictures

Last year, it was nice to have Norman home for Christmas. Norman and Aaron are wearing new matching sweaters.

The family at the yummy Christmas dinner Mom has prepared. I was there, I was behind the camera!!

After Christmas we headed up to Washington, D.C. and Baltimore for GYC. This picture of Aaron and I was actually on the way back from GYC. We got to see President Gerald Ford's casket in the rotunda. What a honor that was!

This picture was on the way up to Baltimore when Norman was with us. I like Washington D.C. I could visit there any day.

Next week, I will share another place we went to visit on the way back from GYC. And, I will show my favorite wedding pictures from Norman and Joelle's wedding.

October homeleave

I was going to post some pictures today. Next time I will, I can't find them. During my break I worked all day Wednesday for 8 hrs! In the afternoon we entered all of the student workers into a new payroll system. On Thursday, I got my Senior pictures taken. If you have been to the McNulty house you will notice all of the three boys have their Senior picture framed in the living room. I'm the last, and the time has come. It went really good, but they charge a lot for pictures. Yesterday, we went to the Walwyn's house for dinner. It was really nice. I am busy today,so have a good week and I'll keep you updated soon.