Sunday, March 27, 2011

Phi Alpha Induction

A couple of weekends ago I was inducted into the Phi Alpha Honor society. It's hard to believe that I've been studying here at Southern for three years. The program was really nice and it was even more special to have my Mom and best friends there. I was able to reflect on what my school, classmates, profressors, school, friends, and family have meant to me through this journey. I remember my freshmen year choosing Social work as major and being excited about it. I remember walking into Mrs. Baker's office many timest the first semester of the Social work program my Junior year and feeling supported and helped through the whole process. I remember Mrs. Heck's Valentine card to each of us Juniors that said "You are loved", with Bible promises written with our own names in them. I am so thankful to have had the privilege to receive my education at Southern and the relationships I have built there I will always treasure. One more year till I receive my degree!

Debbie and I walking to Daniells Hall afterwards for refreshments

Kirsten and I

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Surprise visit

At the end of this week, I felt exhaustion from the semester. 14 hours of classes, work, practicum during Spring break. I love it all but I need rest. It just so happened that I had to go to an town near Nashville for a tag renewal on Friday which is only 20 minutes from home. How could I pass going home for the weekend? Thursday during my hour break between work and choir/ classes I filled out a weekend leave request and made a final decision, but one thing I wasn't going to was tell my Mom. I would surprise her. So yesterday after I finished my car errands I headed up the ridge to my sweet hometown, and drove into my driveway. Ranger my dog, wagged her tail at my arrival. My Mom, was so surprised, happy, and smiling. She had no idea that I would come It was nice to surprise her and find refreshment at home after an intense week.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Spring Break

The end of Spring break has already come upon me. This week I have been doing a 40 hour practicum at Memorial Hospital. I'm getting to close to the end of my education. Exciting and yet a little nervous at the same time. Pray for me as I look for the right internship for my Senior year. Last weekend I went home to spend time with my whole immediate family. It was refreshing to be together as a family and share many laughs and talks. Doing observation at Memorial this week has helped me a lot to see what I really enjoy and what I do not.

After my first day at practicum I spent time with my girls. What a fun evening and delicious food!

At the end of our tangerine party

Updates will be coming more often!