Monday, February 19, 2007


So if you haven't heard , which I doubt, Norman and Joelle are engaged! I am excited for them and I know the Lord will bless their marriage. Tim has a really good video of them after the proposal on his blog. I am excited about the wedding in August. Supposedly, it will probably be held in Michigan. Which is neat, because my dad was born there. Whenever I go there it reminds me of Dad. Joelle seems really happy, she wrote me an e-mail. And I talked to Norman last night on the phone, and he has been waiting to do this for a while. My junior year is getting tougher and harder. Chemistry takes time, and all of my other subjects. Happy President's Day! And Congrats to Norman and Joelle.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Safe traveling

Another week has come and gone, since I last posted. It seems like a long time. I had a nice time on music tour. We went to Daytona Beach in Florida. I enjoyed running my feet through the sand and watching the endless ocean's waters. Some people went swimming, but it was too cold for me. We went to Orlando, Florida as well. It was perfect weather there, not too hot but just a little chilly. It reminded my of Calif, which makes me want to visit again. Praise the Lord the tornadoes hit Orlando a day after we left. God was protecting our group and I am thankful for that. I do feel bad for the destruction there. We went to Atlanta on the last part of the trip and did a music concert, and went to underground Atlanta and ate. We also got to tour CNN'S headquarters which was really neat. We saw all of the writers working on news coming in, and the reporters from their backs. When we first got there, they were talking on the news about the tornadoes in Florida right after we left. The last leg of the trip we went to Jasper, Tn church and did a program for the members there. I know that they were blessed by our music. We went to the aquarium in Chattanooga, and to end our trip ate out at a mexican restaurant in Hamilton mall area. I am definately glad to be back with my family here at home. It is nice to relax and take it easy on a Sunday morning. Here's a picture of the capitol.