Thursday, August 24, 2006


I discovered we actually have a scanner on our computer,and I can scan pictures! yes! I don't have digital camera so I haven't been able to show you pictures. But when I get my film developed , I can show you pictures from our vacation. This picture is the second picture I have scanned. It was Grandma's 90th birthday party and the family that came to it. From the left is JD,jonah, myself, mom,Uncle Dave, in the back : Stephen, Uncle Albert. In the front: Grandma and Owen. Ellie took this picture.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I am now sweet seventeen. That doesn't sound as right ,as sweet sixteen. I still don't have my drivers license. But I do have my permit, so Stephen and I have been practicing driving. It is not too hard except some turns. My birthday was really nice. On sunday , my birthday it was simple. I was thinking of having friends over but decided to do that for my eighteenth. Stephen came up. For my dinner we had vegetarian meatloaf, mashed potatoes, peas,salad,and peach pie. How the years have flown by. I really can't believe in an year I will be eighteen. I have always viewed that as being an adult, up there, a ways day the road. In the afternoon we went to the portland library. It was the 53rd anniversary. Uncle Albert and David Fuller played classical pieces together. While Mom and I looked at the art paintings. Then, Mom drove me around town to the hospital I was born in. And we looked at some newer houses near our area. Then , I studied that night. I also received some nice cards, presents, and phone calls. I really don't like Geometry. It is all about proofs, angles etc. Chemistry is kinda fun actually. I thought I wouldn't like it, but I enjoy it. Later down the road we will see.We had our school pictures today. That is the last normal pictures we are taking. Next year, is senior pictures. Roderick Schmitz passed away Friday night. I went to school with him my freshmen year, when he was a senior. He was a nice boy. Down at Southern he was riding his motorcylce went on a ramp and lost control. The accident took place near hamilton mall area. His funeral is tomorrow. I feel so sorry for the family. His brother is in my class, and the family lives in the Handal's old house. He was probably only twenty. Too young. His ex-girlfriend is a senior this year. She is taking it really hard, because they were in a close relationship previously. So keep them in your prayers. I heard southwestern youth conference went well. Wish I could of been there. I am looking forward to general youth conference in December.

P.S. in response to Norman's comment about am I implying that we are going to move to Montgomery. No, if we ever did that it would be down the road. We don't know what God's future holds when I go to college.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Rosa Parks Museum

Here is a picture of the Rosa Parks Museum


Well, I am here at home. And I want to tell the main things we did in Alabama. Mom and I said that Montgomery it would be a nice place to live. Although we will probably live here a little while longer. We are really not sure what God's plans are for us. But , Aaron has a nice place to live in. The people there are warm, and will give you a southern welcome. It is very hot, so we were inside most of the time. Except when driving in our car(not airconditioned), we got pretty hot. Monday we drove down for 5 hours and arrived there at night. Aaron reserved us a really nice motel, at hampton inn. I did take some pictures but, I don't have a digital camera. Aaron doess, but it is tucked away who knows where. But I went on some websites to get some pictures of where we went. Here is a picture of our motel to the left of my writing. I went swimming three times, which was very relaxing. We ate at various restaraunts, such as cafeteria, chinese,subway,Ihop, and even thai. I never at thai before, but it was pretty good. They gave vegetarian spring rolls which were deliciou s they tasted like egg rolls. Mom and I went shopping a couple of times while Aaron went to work. On the last day, he got off at noon. So we went downtown to Montgomery. We saw the Rosa Parks museum, and the first church Martin Luther King Jr. preached at. We could see the state capitol from where the church was. On Sabbath we went to the Montgomery church. The members there made us feel warm and welcomed. In the afternoon we drove an hour and a half to Uchee Pines. It was so refreshing to go there. Even though I lived there when I was one , the only memory I have of it is when we went last October. I can remember our living room and playing toys with Aaron. But that is about it. We attempted to try to go inside of our house for the second time. But the people that live there were gone again. We took pictures of it though. Sorry I can't upload them. Some day I will have to get a digital camera to make my blog more interesting. On Sunday we sadly left Aaron to his first place to live for a while. It was sad to leave vacation. But I am looking forward to going down there again. I returned to work Monday. And boy, do I ever have so much work to do. It piled up while I was gone. School starts in a couple weeks, so it is very busy. And the phones are ringing off the hook. I answer all of the calls. My classes this year will be chemistry,spanish I, geometry,Bible III, and American History. Since I am going to be a junior, I will get to go on Junior History Trip. Wow, I think I wrote too much take care.