Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It's Over!

YES!!!! I am done with my exams. I am officially a Junior! Which is awesome. No more late night studying for two months. Rest, relax, and...... work? Yes, I am working at the business office. Graduation is this weekend, and then campmeeting the next two weekends. I will talk with you all later.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Highland Memories weekend

Once again,I have had a very eventful weekend. First, on the friday night was Highland Academy's Friendship vespers. It is very meaningful, and It is always sad to say goodbye to people that you may never see again. To start the program , Mr. Cornell gave his last talk to us. He pointed to the picture in front of the church. It is a picture of Jesus, holding some lambs, and other lambs looking at Him. Mr . Cornell said that we were the lambs Jesus was holding, and the sheep looking up were the staff , teachers,and parents. His sermon was nice. I am really sad to see the seniors leave. But at the same time, I am excited about being a junior.I can't believe it! And before you know it I'll be graduating. It's going by so fast. Last evening we went to hear the Highlanders (Pastor Watkins, Judi Hartman,Lisa and Todd Parrish, and William Labrenz.Plus, Uncle Albert playing the piano). It was very nice to close the Sabbath.Then, last night I went to Highland Memories night. They handed out awards, and showed us a memories video, and gave us our yearbooks. It went really late. And I took an 3 hour nap in the afternoon. That I got to bed really late. Today is Mother's Day. Stephen just came, and we are going to have a nice dinner. Brandy Schrader and Troy Heinrich are getting married today. They dated like 6 or 8 years. Troy Heinrich is related to some Adventist leaders in our church. Pray for me in my exams. My Biology exam is going to be over a pig dissection, algrebra II will be challenging, and my world history exam is going to be over the whole continent of Africa. That is labeling every country and knowing its capital. I know that God will help me. And in a week it will be all over. Take care.