Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's busy around here!

So it has been busy at home right now.

1.We are working on getting wedding rehearsal dinner arrangements made, and that is coming together. I can't wait till August!
2.I am leaving for kentucky in a week. So I have to start packing soon, and I have been shopping to get everything I need. I bought a new iron, and alarm clock Sunday and other things.
3. Sadly, I lost my Auntie Rosie in Austin, Texas. She is my Aunt Mary's sister-in-law. So we are flying out friday for the memorial service which will be held on Sunday. I will be great to be with Aunt Mary again.
4. OPERATION GLOBAL RAIN starts today. So pray earnestly! We are going to Highland church this evening to meet with church members to pray. Aaron told me that it was started by some pastors in Southern California, and Ivor Myers.
5. Meanwhile, I am here at work and both of my bosses are gone. But a couple of staff members are in the building.We are caught up on all of the work we can do. So I am busy at home, but not so at work. This afternoon after lunch I m going to bring things to read, and do!

That is my five points for the day. Have a nice rest of your Wednesday!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Sabbath!

Happy Sabbath! To everyone, I haven't updated in a while, bu I thought I would share a picture with you. This was my 8th grade graduation, already 3 years ago! This was a very happy night, and I really like this picture. I appreciated that Norman made a effort in his busy schedule to come all the way from Calif. to it.I wish Stephen could of been there, he's the only one missing in the pic. Next time, I will have a pic with him.
So it is only 2 weeks away from Asi Youth for Jesus! I am very excited! We had a nice week here, and Aaron is preaching tomorrow in Hopkinsville so he has been getting ready all week. I know the Lord will bless him, because he has spent a lot of time studying.Oh and no I haven't forgotten about the wedding. I am definately in the wedding spirit. We got this wedding music book this week, and I am singing beautiful music out of it. When Stephen comes up ( He likes to play the piano, and I sing) we will play out of it. There are songs like "Cherish the Treasure", and" Household of Faith", and " I will be Here", and traditional classical pieces for the pianist .I hope that you have a blessed weekend!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

2 months from now

Hey everyone! Guess what! 2 months from today will be Norman and Joelle's wedding. Can you believe it! Well, we are getting more excited around here about it. Mom and I talk about it a lot. So I am only here at home one more month, or less, 3 weeks to be right. I have never been gone from home a month. But a month goes by pretty fast. I am excited about doing it. So we had a good weekend. On Sabbath we had a different speaker than Pastor Miller. We had Pastor Sharpe come. He was good. On Sunday I played in a piano recital in Gallatin, with Uncle Alber't students. Then, we went down to Rivergate Mall. Mom was talking with Mrs. Damsteegt Friday. She said a lot of the summer dresses were getting sold out, because of sales. And that new dresses were not coming in any more. So we decided we better head down there soon to buy Mom's dress for the wedding. First, we went to Jcpenney, Sears. They had some they were either too flashy, or low cut, or not modest. Finally, we went to Dillard's and my eye caught a dress it was just right. Mom liked it too, tried it on. And then we went to Macy's to sure there wasn't anything she liked better. Then we bought it! Now Mom has her dress. I know I'm a girl, a lot of you wouldn't of put in so much detail. There was only one dress in the whole mall that worked out for Mom, and we are thankful for that. Plus, I am a little bored at work. Our ems accounting program is not working right this morning, and I can't do anything but surf on the internet. And for that matter post new blog entry. If I was at home I would upload pictures. Maybe I will do that later this week. I hope all of you are having a good summer, and feel free to comment on just whatever is on your mind...

Friday, June 01, 2007

Inspiring Campmeeting

Well, no one guessed what I was going to say. But it would of been kind of hard.So here it goes. I thought I was going to meet David Assherick this sabbath at the Walwyn's house( church friends) who invited him to stay at their house the whole week he was here. They invited us for lunch, and I got under the impression that he and his family would be there. Since his last meeting was last night, he obviously left today. So last night he had a good last sermon. Mom and I sat in the front, and were blessed. I decided I wanted to go back and meet him. There was a lot of people that talked with him and I was one of the last. He is very friendly and outing . I think we as Christians should be like that. So it was really neat to meet him, because he made a good influence and impact on me this week. In our Christian walk we sometimes get sidetracked or lose signt of what we should be focusing on. He really preached with fire in his heart that we need to not be of this world and, work on our character and bringing converts in the church for Christ soon return. I feel inspired to put into use what he preached this week. I miss hearing his sermons, and I am going to buy them. He preached 5 sermons. Which is the most I have heard him preach, but it went by so fast! As a side note I told him I was Norman's sister, and he was interested in that. He is happy about Norman and Joelle are getting married. I hope I didn't bore you, but maybe I encouraged you that this world is not our home and we really need to set our eyes on the true goal . Again, bring converts into the church, and work on our character. Have a blessed Sabbath!