Sunday, March 25, 2007


One of the most important ways in spreading our gospel to the world, is through evangelism. My church is putting on a evangelistic series right now. It has been conducted by the ladies of our church. Each weekend someone has had a different topic. We have had a couple of non members come, and perhaps the blessings I have received is being a speaker. Tonight I gave a talk on "What happened to Right and Wrong", I talked about the importance of keeping all of God's ten commandments. It was a good experience in public speaking and I wouldn't mind doing it again. Another good outcome of having our meetings was, there was a couple that are members but hadn't been attending church in a while. Since our meetings started they started coming back, and the wife came tonight. I could feel the Holy Spirit there. Next weekend is our last weekend of meetings. May God bless you in this week.

P.S. The weather has been great here, I'm loving the warm weather.

Monday, March 05, 2007


It is really nice to be on break. It is relaxing, and not stressed about classes. I am going to do organizing projects around the house, and catch up on my sleep. Norman and Joelle have got a lot of comments on their blogs about the wedding. Our family back here in tennessee is very excited. The wedding will be 8 days before I turn 18. Our other news is that my grandpa has been very sick, and is doing a lot better than he was when he was in the hospital. He sleeps a lot but can communicate with us. Last sabbath, the Hankins came up. Rachael played the guitar for him, and we both sang. I always enjoy singing on the Sabbath. The march winds have been violent here. Nothing seriously bad happened. Further south of us there have been bad tornadoes. A year ago Mom, Uncle Albert, and I were in Loma,Linda Calif. That was a happy memory. It doesn't seem that long ago. The asst girl's dean at my academy said she was going out there for this break, which makes me want to visit again. I'm sure we will again sometime. Enjoy the march winds, and the warmer weather soon coming.