Monday, August 27, 2007

Wedding picture of family

Today we got some wedding pictures in the mail from our McNulty relatives. Here is a picture of our family. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

7 girls at my house!

Well.... It has been a while since I updated my blog. Sorry, let's just say that I've had a lot of good things happen since then. I went up to Youth for Jesus , an awesome experience. Then, Norman and Joelle's wedding. It was gorgeous!! Today I had 7 girls at my house for my birthday. Yes, today is my last day to be 17. So sad.. I will be 18 tomorrow. I had invited 6 girls, but a extra girl hopped in which was fine. It was a lot of fun to have a friends party. It will be my last friends party in the highland community. We spent all afternoon getting ready. Norman called today from the Chicago airport. They told us where they went for their honeymoon. I don't think I should say till they officially announce it. They seem to be doing very well. It already has been a week since they got married! I went out to cvs pharmacy to get my pictures developed from the wedding, then I bought gifts for all of my friends. It was neat having a lot of girls at my house, and it took a lot of work. They came over at 4:00. The first game I planned was I put 18 different objects in a laundry basket. I brought over to them to look over. Then, they had to write on a piece of paper as much of what they could remember, and the winner won a notepad with squirrels on it. Then, we did the trees and flower game cards. I won't explain that, it takes toooo long ! Ask me in person if you are curious. I had a hawaaian theme, so they got to wear lei's. My table was decorated with a hawaaian table cloth. Southern just put out the film "The Secret of the Cave", we bought it at ASI. While they were watching that, Mom and I hurriedly made food for 9 people total! A lot of food. We had hot dog sandwich spread sandwiches(Big Franks to be specific). I made pina colada. Yummy!!! There were chips, fruit salad, and vegan cake. Everyone sang happy birthday to me. Then, I opened my presents. I got a purse, colorful notebook, lotions, and cards. It was a very happy day for me to bond with my Senior girls. One of the girls was a dorm student. So Mom and I drove her back to the dorm. Everyone else has their license and drove to our house. I really, really feel behind. I don't have my license, because you have to drive 50 hours if you are under 18. And since everything is close by I haven't driven that much . So pretty soon I will have it, I promise! So next time, I will tell you all about Youth for Jesus with pictures. Then, the wedding! Bye everyone!!!