Sunday, October 30, 2011

Phi Alpha and Fall weekend at home

So I really want to update my blog more often. Especially since it's my Senior year. So much is happening so fast. I'm feeling a little bit of Senioritis. At the same time I don't want to leave a place where the best years of my life has been spent. I have grown so much in every area of my life spiritually, socially, and academically.
This year has been unusually busy first because:
I'm finishing my BSW year (13 credits this semester)
200 hour practicum
(I'm in the midst of my internship working on completing all the competencies)
GYCSE Secretary: my roles include taking notes at our weekly. Also I am the Great Controversy groups Coordinator. This last month my friend Michelle and I recruited 5 people to be leaders. Cards are being passed around campus now. The five groups will be meeting weekly to discuss and study different chapters of the Great Controversy. This book is so important for the time we are living in. It is a apart of the GC initiative for revival and reformation. We want to have revival here at Southern.
Phi Alpha President: President of the Honor Society in the Social work department. Our mission is to be of service to others. We conduct two community service events a semester. We also encourage Social work majors to have academic achievement.
It has been super crazy busy for me this semester. Any free moment I have when not studying or doing internship is spent making sure things are getting done in Great Controversy groups or Phi Alpha. It's been a humbling experience. I know couldn't do it without the Lord's help. It's been an honor to work for Him in these ways. I love being a part of these activities.
This past weekend the Phi Alpha club went to an assisted living center in Chattanooga. We interacted and visited with the residents. It was so enriching to visit with them and hear share funny stories. Everyone laughed the whole time. I love working with the elderly.
Jane and I. She had quite the sense of humor and shouting out, "Hey you,... listen to me."
After I went to the assisted living center. I visited a Jewish synagogue with a friend for a World Religions assignment. It gained such a blessing hearing their music and participating in their worship service.
On Sabbath, I drove home to see my immediate family. My main concern has been my Grandma who has not been doing well. I want to thank everyone who has been praying for her. It has made a difference in her life and she is doing better! Please continue to pray for her.
Enjoyed seeing my brother Aaron and his girlfriend Cassandra
Net 2011 was held this past month only 40 min from my house in Madison, TN
It was exhilarating to hear the final sermon and to see the fruits from the meetings. Over 50 people are going to be baptized from their site. It has been broadcasted all over the world on the Hope Channel. I love evangelism and seeing souls won for Christ. My Mom and I were moved when the ones who made decisions for baptism stood in the front at the end of the service. I could see so much happiness written across their faces. Heaven was rejoicing!
Look forward to more updates! Much to share..

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Midterm break

Spending time with family on midterm break was a real treat. Here is a pic from this past Sabbath. I love my family.