Monday, August 07, 2017

Winning the community for God

Last weekend I was inspired by attending Madison campus's block party. They had a lot of booths that showcased the church's different ministries and schools including Madison campus elementary and academy. They also had games, free food, and a lot of items to help parents and children to prepare to go back to school. I saw a lot of visitors from the community. My heart was moved with the love that the church had for the community. There were stories that came from the event. Some people expressed interest in taking their children to the church's Sabbath school classes. There was a homeless lady that did her school shopping for her children. Lastly, there were two young men who went to Madison academy's booth. They do not attend a good high school. They expressed interest in attending the academy. The Holy Spirit worked on their hearts and they toured the school a day or two later. They are now making plans to do what they can to attend the school this year! They recruited a friend to join them. That is awesome!

In reflecting on this event, it makes us as a church realize that we have a lot to offer our community and world. People are craving for what we have. and in the case of the young men they want good Christian education.

The block party at the church was a bridge for many people to experience what we as Adventists have.  We need to do more of this to spread our good news of hope with the world.