Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Thanksgiving break

It was nice to be home for Thanksgiving and spend some good time with my family. I arrived home on Tuesday night. On Wednesday, I enjoyed the day relaxing and taking time away from my studies. Aaron and I drove up to Wal- Mart to get some supplies for the meal.

On Thursday, I was really busy cooking in the kitchen making potato dishes, and pies.

We enjoyed the company of Uncle Albert, and Uncle Dave with us.

In the evening we enjoyed spending time with our cousins, JD, Jenny, Ellie, Owen, and Jonah.
We have a dog, Ranger and Uncle Dave brought his dog and they got into a fight under the table while we were eating. It was quite the entertainment!

Ellie, Owen, Jonah, and I

After enjoying a meal of pie with our cousins we went over to JD and Jenny's and saw the renovations they have done to their house. It looks really nice!

The hall that leads into in the family room

The family room