Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My 19th birthday

It's hard to believe that I am now 19! Last Wednesday was my birthday. I woke up bright and early, and Christine sang happy birthday to me while I was half awake and feeling groggy. Then, I took my final for my class and afterwards my Highland friends and I went out and celebrated the completion of our class. We talked for two hours reminiscing Highland stories.
I came back and ate with my close friends at the cafeteria. This was the first day I bought a dessert. Christine and I bought blueberry shortcake. Our friends Laurel, Debbie, and Joel were there.

In the afternoon, Christine and I walked two miles on the Greenway to go shopping in Ooltewah. We went to a clothing store, and we were so thirsty we drank fruit juices in a shop. We had fun even though it was hot!

I received nice phone calls from family and opened cards and presents that came in the mail in the evening.

This past weekend I went back home. Mom made a special birthday lunch. The menu was lasagne and blueberry pie.

Stephen and I
Aaron and Ranger

On Saturday night I opened my birthday presents.

Mom and I
Thank you to everyone who called or remembered me. I'm grateful for another year of life!

Monday, August 18, 2008

A new phase of my life....college!

Hello everyone, I am here at college and loving it! This blog post will have more details on what has been going on in my life. As I said in the previous post, we really enjoyed our vacation to California, we flew back on a Tuesday and I moved to college on Sunday! We came back and there was busy activity going on in the McNulty's house. I went shopping all day Thursday, packed most of Friday and Saturday night and left early Sunday morning to get to Southern's registration. Honestly, I was nervous and not completely happy about my summer getting cut short but I knew that I needed to get college hours done out of the way at Smart Start. On Sunday afternoon, July 28 I moved into my dorm room and met my roommate, Christine Reynolds for the first time! It was actually pretty neat how we met. I came into the girl's dorm lobby and told the girl at the front desk who I was, Christine was in the girls dorm mail room and heard me say," McNulty", and she came running out with her Mom and sister and we met for the first time. I am so thankful to have a godly roommate. I really prayed that God would lead me to the right one and Christine and I starting e-mailing and knew we had a lot in common. It took me most of Sunday afternoon and evening to get moved into my room, and figure out where to put all of my little things but by Sunday night at 9 or 10 I was settled!
Our first day of college! We went to breakfast in cafeteria bright and early at 7:00. Afterwards, we walked to class. I took Life and Teachings from Dr. Jud Lake. The class has been such a blessing to me, we have studied in detail about Jesus life, the history behind each Gospel writer and read 48 chapters out of the Desire of Ages and the Gospels. It's been intense, but it was a good class to transition into college. During the days of the week, we had all of these convocation meetings and orientation we were required to go to for credit. Christine was not with me my first weekend, but I was making new friends. I spent my first weekend with my suitemates, who are really nice. We went to the Collegedale University church, and honestly none of us were impressed. They are starting a new student led service and the music is not great! The traditional service is at 10:15, so if I have to go to Collegedale church that is the service I would go to. At collegedale, I really don't feel that my prescence makes an impact and no one would know that I was even there. For lunch, Aunt Elizabeth invited me to her house and it made me feel at home to go to her house my first weekend. On Saturday evening, I had a lot of fun with my suitemates. We made spaghetti in our kitchenette down the hall, and went shopping at Wal-mart 5 minutes away.

Second week of college!
Sunday was a little long for me, I was a little lonely but I met up with my Highland friend, Kendra and we walked most of the Greenway that leads to Ooltewah and starts in Collegedale under the railroad tracks. Christine came back on Monday. On Tuesday we had a major fair in the dining hall to see what all of the departments on campus have to offer. I went to the nursing one, and there were so many girls interested in what the nursing professors had to say. The second week was usual with making new friends, having embarassing moments, and loving college life!
We decided we wanted to go to the North River church on Sabbath. We called up the Reynolds and they drove us there. It's a good little drive, 30 minutes away on the other side of Chattanooga near the walking bridge. I really like the church it's traditional, conservative, a lot of young people, and I feel like I am apart of a small church family. We ate lunch with a good friend ours,Debbie Beihl and afterwards went to the nearby neighborhoods and conducted health surveys. On Sabbath evening, as the sunset went down Debbie took us on a walk doing the loop around Collegedale academy and the student park. When Sabbath was over we had a fun talk in our dorm room. Christine and I don't have cars down here, so we are dependent on other people. We assumed that Debbie had a car. So we were talking, and thought maybe we could go to the mall in Hamilton place. Debbie went back to her room to get her purse, and we all got to the girl's dorm lobby and discovered no one had a car! It was so funny!! We were laughing so hard. So we went exploring around campus and found a skunk, spiderweb, and listened to the bugs chirping in the woods. We had fun anyways!

3rd week...
By the third week, we were well into our college routine.On Sunday, we studied hard for our class and decided that we should take pictures of our college experience. So Christine and I did our summer photoshoot around campus, and I think you'll enjoy the pictures below.At the end of the week we celebrated the completion of our week of classes by eating ice cream with Laurel at the window overlooking campus. Then, on Friday Christine and I went to Olive Garden with her Aunt Sally which was a treat! Afterwards we walked around the mall for two hours. On Sabbath, Christine went to North River and I went with a couple of friends from Highland to the Chattanooga First church. I really like that church too, it has high quality music with an organist, men's choir, and we sang several hymns. Sabbath afternoon was relaxing for me, I took a nap, visited with a couple of girlfriends and made some phone calls to my family.
4th week....
We slept in and felt great on Sunday morning! Laurel had Christine, Josee (our suitemate), and I over to her house for a pancake breakfast. It was so delicious! We had fresh peaches, nuts, maple syrup, and bagels to go along with it. The rest of the day I did my laundry, talked to Mom, and then studied and wrote a paper. We went to the gym and went swimming for an hour with Christine, Laurel, and Josee. On Monday and Tuesday I had my last classes of my Life and Teachings of Jesus.On Monday night, we had a orientation meeting and Christine and I are tired of dating tips! They like to advertise marriage down here. They also had refreshments outside of popcorn and slushies and packets on how to succeed in college. There were bubbles in the packet, and when Christine and I returned to our room we blew bubbles at each other. On Wednesday, I turned 19! I will write about my birthday on the next post. On Thursday, I stayed around Southern to do errands, and finalize classes. Then, on Friday I rode back with a couple of Highland friends and happily returned to my home in the afternoon!
I am thankful and feel that is a privilege to be at Southern Adventist University. I love living here.I know that the Lord has led me to be at Southern, and I am excited about the rest of the school year!

Debbie, Christine, and I at the North River church

Christine and I did a summer photoshoot one Sunday afternoon.

My desk that has my computer, and family pictures on my bulletin board.

My bed on the far right.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Tim and Sunny's wedding/ California trip

The highlight of my summer was going out to California for Tim and Sunny's wedding, and to see Norman and Joelle. Our family thinks a lot of Tim , and we didn't want to miss his wedding. He is a great friend to Norman, and we have enjoyed all of the times we we have spent with him. I remember meeting him when he was a Senior at Southern, and Norman was a Junior. We appreciate how Tim and Norman are leaders out in Loma Linda and their involvement with spiritual activities. We are really happy for Tim and Sunny, and enjoyed every minute of the wedding.

We arrived in Loma Linda on Thursday, and went to Tim and Sunny's wedding shower Thursday night. On Friday we went out to eat at the Loma Linda University Hospital's cafeteria. I have an interest in the medical field, and I like hospitals. It was neat to see doctor's and nurse's walking around.
Stephen and I
On Friday night, Joelle fixed us a wonderful supper.
It was nice to spend time together as a family.

On Sabbath we went to Advent Hope. It has really grown since I have last been there! Norman pointing out the prophecies

It worked out really nice that Norman's birthday was the day before the wedding. It was an annual tradition at our home to have lasagne, and blueberry pie. We had the same menu out there, and it was delicious!

Sabbath afternoon

Before the wedding began, we enjoyed the music by the string quartet.

Tim and Sunny during their vows.

Mom and I after the wedding. It was a beautiful wedding!

The McNulty family on the back porch.

Sunday evening, Mom and I took a walk outside. I love the palm trees out there!

On that walk, I discovered beautiful flowers. Here is my favorite one!

On Monday, Norman drove us to the Santa Monica beach. That was really fun! We enjoyed spending time together on our last day. While we were on the pier over the ocean we watched the boats in the ocean, the planes flying out of LAX, and the waves rolling in.

I love California and seeing the palm trees and the ocean was awesome! It was great to spend time with family, and to go to Tim and Sunny's wedding. I have a video clip of the trip, but I can't get it to upload correctly here at college. I will put it up when I go home in a few weeks.