Sunday, September 06, 2015

Deployed by the Holy Spirit - Jesus is Coming Soon!

Hello to all!

I am still trying to work on blogging on here more often. Life is full, and there are many things to share with you all here!

My main burden I feel on my heart today is the urgency of Jesus' Second Coming. Yes, our jobs and careers are important. The day-to-day responsibilities that we have are also important. Let us not get so busy and caught up with the cares of this world and of life that we forget the ultimate goal of heart preparation for Heaven and sharing Jesus' with others.

Yesterday, I visited the Nashville First SDA church. I was very blessed and encouraged by Pastor Melvin Santos' message, "Deployed by the Holy Spirit"

Here is a paraphrase of some of things he shared and my thoughts and reflection about it:

God has given us the command to go and make disciples. Go and help other people. Are you willing to say,"Lord use me"? - The Holy Spirit will deploy you." -Pastor Santos.

This message called me to examine my own heart. Am I allowing the cares of this world to take away time from doing what I need to do to prepare myself and others for Jesus' Second Coming? Is there something that I keep delaying to do? Please let's not allow circumstances and time to get in the way of finishing the work and preparing for Jesus' Second Coming. Time is running out! God is calling people to enlist in His service!

Application: This is how I want to daily apply this message in my own life and in preparing for Jesus' Second Coming.

1. Share GLOW tracts with others. Spreading the messages of truth through literature with others.
Goal: Share 25-40 tracts a week in gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, and parks. Make a special effort to spread several in parks near the churches that I attend.

2. Give Bible studies!
I am a certified Bible worker and there is no greater joy then giving Bible studies to others! I need to strategize on getting Bible study leads and finding those who are hungering for truth.

3. Become earnest in evangelistic efforts.
The Nashville First SDA church is having an evangelistic series Oct. 2-31. I am planning on attending and participating in the meetings.
Comprehensive urban evangelism is another passion of mine and for Nashville.
Goals: (a) Spread flyers in the Goodlettsville/Millersville/Madison area to promote the meetings.
          Bring a friend to the meetings.

          (b) Start a group in the Nashville metro area that focuses on comprehensive urban evangelism.

4. Start an ARME A-unit Bible study group.
This has been a dream of mine, especially for young adults in the greater Nashville area.
The Bible study would have a focus on preparing people for Jesus' Second Coming including Scripture memorization, and studying Bible prophecy or topics relevant to what is occurring in the world.
Goal: Invite 4-5 young people in the Nashville metro area to the Bible study meetings. Start the meetings in the beginning of November. Use ARME A-unit materials for the Bible study. Focus on Scripture memorization.

I am going to share weekly updates with you, it will be a part of my own accountability.

Oh, please give me a heart dear Jesus to share you with others. May we be ready for your Second Coming and Kingdom!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Believing is Seeing!

I want share the recording from yesterday's service at Madison Campus. It really brought courage to my heart. Everything the minister said, was exactly what I needed to hear.

Friday, January 09, 2015


Happy Sabbath to all!

A little over a year ago, I completed a Master of Social Work degree.  I moved to the greater Nashville area. I loved visiting the churches in the Nashville metro area.

One of the first churches that I visited was the Madison Campus church. Madison, TN has a very special story to our church, because the beginning of the Adventist work in the South started there. I'll write more about that later in a blog post.

I was impressed on my first visit, the lady sitting next to me made sure that I felt welcomed and invited me to join her at her Sabbath school.  The church has hundreds of members, and I honestly wondered if I would connect well with the members. Every time I have visited this church, the members have made me feel so loved and welcomed.

In a couple of the Sabbath school classes I have visited, the main leaders of the class made sure to welcome me and get to know me personally after the class ended. One of them gave me a welcome gift bag! 

I am also so thankful for the leadership of Pastor Byron Corbett at Madison. He has brought a vision for evangelism projects in the Madison and Nashville metro communities. He preaches on Rock Solid TV that reaches thousands of people in the middle TN area every Sunday morning on Fox 17 news. There was also a Relevant Seminar prophecy seminar series held this last Fall at the church. (I will share more details about this.)

I love the Madison Campus church because every time I visit, God's love is shown me me. I am spiritually uplifted, and the pastor gives biblically based and relevant messages. It has also been nice to get acquainted with people that I attended Southern with, and that I did not know personally while we were in school together. There are several people in my age group that are now living in Nashville.

There is another church in Nashville, that has been a real blessing to me. I will share more about it and how it reach the community with the Three Angels' Messages in a blog post soon.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Happy New Year - 2015!

Happy New Year to all!

I wrote a post back in July that I was going to start blogging again weekly. I'm sorry that I have not been able to do that and have been busy these last several months.

I really miss my academy years when my brothers, Joelle, Tim, and I would write weekly blogs and keep up with each other on it. There were other friends on here that I also enjoyed connecting with!

I'm determined to start up on the trend again in this year, 2015.

If there is any one else out there in the blogging world that would like to be my blogging pal, feel free to let me know. I thoroughly enjoy writing, and also enjoy dialoging with others about various issues and things that currently affect our lives.

It seems that everyone has switched to social networking with each other on Facebook. Facebook has a lot good. I do feel that there are lot of things that you can share on Blogger, that you can not share as well on Facebook. Facebook is more of brief "status updates", but is also great for staying connected with hundreds of friends that you don't see on a day to day basis, and keeping up with their lives.  I miss the art of sharing about things in my personal life through writing and blog posts that Facebook can not always share as well.

This last year I resolved to stay off Facebook, and limit my time on it to once a day. It was a blessing to have more time in the day, and to engage myself in learning about other things. I also broke a bad addiction, and was able to have a clearer mind to accomplish other things and have closer relationship with the Lord.

Personal goals for the new year (2015):

1. Spend more time in Scripture memorization; and personal ministry (i.e. urban evangelism, giving Bible studies, and passing GLOW tracts)

2. Exercise 3 times per week, and drink more water!

3. Obtain my LMSW.

4. Research as much as I can on comprehensive urban evangelism; (I have already started this)
     (a) Finish writing a Facebook blog post on comprehensive urban evangelism: and combining it with the medical work and Social work.
    (b) develop an urban evangelism model for a city in the Nashville area (with the help of professionals).

5. Pass out glow tracts in the Nashville area (including Gallatin, Hendersonville, and Goodlettsville), and reach the GYC Glow challenge.

6. Start giving Bible studies to 2-3 people in the year of 2015.

7. Paint the walls in my bedroom.

8.  Print all the pictures from my college years and place in the album Aunt Mary gave me as a graduation gift.

9. Print my college and graduate years pictures and place in album Joelle gave me as a graduation gift.

- I am going to keep a tract record weekly on this blog to see how I am achieving these goals.

I look forward to sharing weekly updates with you!