Saturday, January 27, 2007

Jr History Trip

When, I got my pictures developed from jr history trip I couldn't get it to work on the internet. Now I will be able to share with you a couple of pictures at a time. Since it takes a while to upload them. This first picture shows the beautiful fall colors we saw on the trip. In Virginia and Pennsylvania the scenery was amazing.
The picture below is my friends Kendra, Briana, and I. This trip was good time to spend with friends. We were waiting outside the capitol. Look forward to next time to more pictures. This upcoming week I am going on music tour to Georgia, and Florida. I think we will have a good time. Although I don't think it will top off jr history trip with all the places and historical information we learned. Have a good week and God bless.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year!

I can't believe that we are in the year of 2007. It doesn't sound right. A year from now is my graduation year. Christmas break was awesome. Norman came home and we had a great time with him and Stephen, Aaron. It was good to catch up, and on Christmas Eve we had our traditional fruit soup my mom makes. It is so yummy. The day after Christmas we went to GYC in Baltimore. I gained such a blessing from the meetings my favorite ones were Peter Gregory, David Assherick, and Jeremy Rosario. It was a struggle for my brothers to get me out of bed before the seven o'clock meeting in the morning. I am not a morning person.On the way up we saw Hartland, and walked a little in Washington, D.C. On the way back Mom, Aaron, and I were able to get inside the capitol and see Former President Gerald Ford's casket in the Rotunda. It was a honor and well worth it to see. Then on New Year's day we went to the Natural Bridge in Virginia and headed back home. I was glad to see you all at Gyc and I hope you have a Happy New Year!