Saturday, August 28, 2010

A trip to New York

The last week of summer I spent some time with my Mom visiting Rochester, NY. We went to
a special dedication service of Hiram Edson's farm. It was a blessing to hear the stories of our Adventist pioneers all during the weekend.

It was also fun to spend my 21st birthday there

The Visitor's Center
People from the community have been asking what is this building about. It has given us a great opportunity to witness for our church and what we believe.

Inside the center it was exciting to look at keepsakes of Hiram Edson. The focal point of the room was a cherry table that he had built. There were also letters he had written framed on the wall.

The barn on the farm

It was good for me to be able to spend more time to learn about Adventist History. It was at this location that the key doctrines of our faith were decided upon. I knew that I was at a special and important place.

We were reminded that the lives the pioneers lived in hastening the second coming of Christ should be our model to follow today. I am glad that my mother and I were able to take this trip together. I always want to remember what our pioneers did for our church.