Saturday, May 14, 2011

Preaching in Colombia

I'm here in Colombia preaching my first full evangelistic series. I can tell you that so far my first two sermons have been rewarding. The people have shown excitement to hear the sermons on Jesus soon return. It has been trying to get the technology coordinated, and the powerpoint presentation. I don't speak their language. I need the Lord's help, and a miracle to happen this evening.

Last night, it was powerful to share how we are in the feet of Daniel's image and show how prophecy verifies history. The Bible is accurate and reliable! We had a good attendance. The church was packed when I spoke for the church service today I feel unworthy to be doing this, but am blessed to be used by God to spread the three angels messages. Please continue to pray for me.

I absolutely love it here in Colombia. The food is delicious, and the people are the most loving I have met. I love the culture! It is beautiful here and I will treasure each day.

I'm here to spread the gospel. I love Jesus, and I want my friends here in Colombia to have Him in their lives too.

Feliz Sabado!