Sunday, April 15, 2007


So the recent news is we have a new dog. We haven't had one in ten years because, the dogs we had ran away from us. I am confident this one won't. We have named him Ranger. He is friendly, wants a lot of attention. It hasn't been perfect having him. He bit my favorite church shoes, and likes to chew stuff, if he is outside at night he barks loud. I haven't been the most enthusiastic about having him, but he is a nice pet to have and we will see how it goes. Aaron and him get along well. Yesterday, Aaron left for Orlando, Florida for trust services meetings for three weeks. Meanwhile, I only have 4 weeks left of school! I have to put together a cyclohexane model for a chemistry project today. I will use cottonballs for the carbon, and marbles for the hydrogen. I am really excited about this summer. The first part, I will be working in the business office. In July, I will be going up to Louisville, Ky to do ASI Youth for Jesus. I am interested in giving bible studies and helping conduct an evangelistic series. Then, Mom will come up for the ASI convention. A week later will be Norman and Joelle's wedding. This summer will fly. I will try to update my blog more.