Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm thankful for...

Since it is Thanksgiving time I am going to share what I am thankful for. This year has been amazing and I am enjoying my experience at Southern. I have met so many new people. I am thankful for the godly friends I have, who are like-minded. I have an awesome roommate, who is so much fun and has the same values as I have. Recently, I am excited about the doors God has opened in my life. I have 4 Bible study groups I am a part of. This is more than I could of ever hoped for! I am giving a Bible study to a student on campus, and my Bible workers club partner has a Bible study contact too, and I attend the study.At the end of the week I meet with two other girls to memorize scripture. On Friday nights, I go to my Aunt's house to study about Last day events in the Bible. I could not be more happy about what God has opened for me this year.

To update on what has been happening in my college experience. A couple of weeks ago, Christine and I had a pasta dinner with our suitmates. It was fun!

Last Sabbath, a group of students went down to Patten towers to conduct a Thanksgiving church service and give a dinner to the residents there.

Then on Saturday night, we went over to our friends' apartment to eat fruit sauce on toast,
socialize with friends, and sing hymns.
Lindsey, Christine, and Christy

Heather, Debbie, and I
Now, I am home on Thanksgiving break. So far I have just enjoyed relaxing and spending time with my family. The end of this semester is going to be quite intense with some more tests, and ending it off with exams. I am going to spend a couple of days studying during break to help prepare myself for when I return back to college.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Fall at Southern

Fall at Southern has been beautiful. Last Sunday, Christine and I did a fall photoshoot. We had a lot of fun with it.

On Friday, I went to job shadow a physical therapist and that was interesting. Today, was one of our best days at Southern. We went to the North River church, and then we went to a Asian fellowship dinner at the Ooltewah church for missionaries who have served in Asia. The food was amazing! I had two plates. Then, after the meal there were some testimonies. We returned to Southern's campus to see the Mission Expo. There were several booths, where Southern students were encouraging others on mission work. I finished my Sabbath by resting.
This weekend, we could really see the Lord working. I could see one door opening after another for my roommate, Christine. I am excited and happy for her and I'll let you read her testimony at
Please keep me in your prayers as I am making important decisions for my future.