Sunday, September 30, 2007

I love classical concerts!

So last night Aaron took me to the Nashville Symphony concert! It was amazing! There is a new concert hall in Nashville, that is very elegant. We had front row seats which was nice, but we couldn't see all of the orchestra. You had to lift your neck up to look at everyone. But I liked it, we could see the cellos really well. We watched their runs, they were good at that. They played Schumann,Tchaikovsky , Beethoven. I enjoyed Beethoven. Everyone that came was dressed classy, and formal. We had a fun night out in downtown Nashville. My other news is I went to ViewSouthern. I need to pray a lot before I make my final decision. I slept 10 hours last night! I was so exhausted. Have a nice rest of the weekend!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

College options

I've had a interesting weekend. I went to Young Women's retreat at Indian Creek Camp. It was very good. Maybe, someday I will get a digital camera and I can upload recent pictures more often. It is my last time to go to camp as a young person. I can't believe I will be in college next year. It seemed like yesterday, Aaron was there. So tomorrow I am going to ViewSouthern, and we are thinking and praying about it. I called Ouachita Hills College and they are sending me a dvd about more about their school. I am interested in going there, considering the spiritual atmosphere they have. I took an hour nap today I was so exhausted! Please pray for me in my decisions. Also, I have a silent. A friend of mine from Youth for Jesus has moved to Loma Linda, Calif. She visited Advent Hope yesterday and said she heard Norman preach. Her name was Nikki and she looks asian. I thought that was neat , what a small world we live in. September is about to wind up!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Youth for Jesus 2007

This time I will share a couple of pictures from Youth for Jesus. What a blessing the program was in my life. Now I have a mission to do Bible work in my hometown. Yesterday, Aaron and I for the first time together went on outreach to a neighborhood close to where we live. We did surveys and loaned two Final Events dvds. The two ladies we loaned them to were interested in what we had. The first one didn't know her Bible well, but wants to learn more. Next week we will do followups!
These are the girls I stayed with a month in one big classroom. We became close to each other, and grew more spiritually.Chelsea Jourdan and Katie Jaeger were are deans. We gave them cards and flowers on the last night.

The group of Bible workers and youth at New Albany church. How I miss that church!

Over all there were 77 baptisms the baptismal night! And I think 145 commitments for baptism. There is one story I want to share. Sondra had a dream one night. She dreamed that there was a banged up white car in front of her house. Then, there were two guys that came to her door. I kind of quiet, the other talkative. The next day two of our Bible workers from New Albany knocked on her door. She told them the dream. They invited her to come to our evangelistic meetings. She came and was interested. She is a religious studies teacher in college. When we were there , there were some things that she was struggling with and she got discouraged. Praise the Lord she is now going to be baptized! Our Bible coordinator stayed for two more months to do follow up work and more are getting baptized! God still gives dreams today. Like I said before my passion will not end, and Aaron and I are planning to sow seeds in Portland, Tn this year!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

My 18th birthday

For my 18th birthday, I had a party a week from the day of Norman and Joelle's wedding. While I was busy getting settled back into my Senior year and unpacking from Youth from Jesus and the wedding. It was a lot of fun planning and making the food. I had 7 girls over from my Senior class, so we were busy!

It was hawaiaan themed notice the pineapple, coconut, and lei.

Our meal was delicious we had fruit salad, hot dog sandwiches, chips, and I made homemade pina colada for the drink.

I'm eating leftover cake after the party was over!!

I just finished opening my presents, and I'm socializing with friends. This is Beth and Kendra.

This is my real 18th birthday day. Mom made it very special. She took out all of the little dolls I collected when I was young and set them out in the window seat. She decorated it very pretty too.

My birthday didn't end till Thursday. Stephen came up on my long lunch break and went out to eat at El Azteca with us. First, I opened my presents from Mom and Stephen.

We're happily eating bean burritos, and rice, and other good mexican food. Wish you all could of been here. Thanks for the ones who called or wrote to me it meant a lot! I had a great birthday!
I do have a lot more to update you all on. I have wedding pics, and Youth for Jesus stories and pictures. Have a cool, crisp September!