Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pictures from Winter Semester 2010

I want to share some pictures of the semester so far.

One of the first weeks of the semester we had Martin Luther King Jr. Community Service day.
It's a great way for the school to go out in the community and help others. I went with a group to a nursing home in Ooltewah. It was a blessing to spend the day visiting and encouraging the residents. I love working with the elderly.

One of my friends, Lauren had her 20th birthday in January. It was fun to surprise her with a party.

Another evening I spent some time getting to know my Dominican Republic friends. They are amazing cooks! I learned so much from them and about their culture.

My dorm room door decorated for Valentine's Day
In February we had a Mother -Daughter banquet. I was delighted that my Mother came down to spend the day with me. The banquet was beautiful, elegant, and the food was tasty.
It was fun to meet my friends mothers too.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Christmas and GYC

This year being home for Christmas was wonderful. It was great to spend time with my immediate family.

Norman and Joelle drove all the way out from California and arrived at our place on the Monday before Christmas. We spent one day at the mall and the next day the guys went golfing while the ladies stayed home cooking. On Christmas Eve we ate a delicious dinner and exchanged gifts.

Christmas Eve dinner

We played a lot of games including The Adventist Game

GYC was awesome this year! It was nice to drive up the interstate in a couple of hours to get to Louisville, Kentucky. This GYC called me to be Unashamed of the gospel. I want to stand up for what is right and not lower my standards for any reason. It's easy to go a long with what the crowd does and not take a stand. I pray that I may be unashamed of my love for Jesus.Mark Finley's seminars on the Holy Spirit were excellent. This week on Spring break I am going to take the time to catch up on the sermons I missed hearing.

Rebecca Wong, one of my close girl friends from Southern came to GYC too. It was fun to spend time together at one of the meals and hang out.

The GYC leadership team was announced on Sunday.
Aaron is the treasurer of GYC.